4 Ton Goodman Packaged Gas/Electric Unit 16 SEER 100,000 BTU 81% AFUE Horizontal/Downflow

Title: 4 Ton Goodman Packaged Gas/Electric Unit 16 SEER 100,000 BTU 81% AFUE Horizontal/Downflow
Descrition: Goodman Combines 81% AFUE Gas Heat and 16 SEER AC In One Unit for Outside Installation Self-contained heating and cooling packaged units are built tough to withstand the outdoors. Their innovative design allows them to be installed on the ground or on a roof so you don’t have to give up any indoor space. One-piece cabinet configuration also makes installation less of a challenge and ongoing maintenance easier. Goodman’s GPG1648100M41 packaged unit with 2-stage gas furnace provides powerful but efficient heat throughout the winter. Efficiency is achieved at the start of the heat cycle by the two-stage valve which automatically opens half- way or fully depending on the heating demands of the room. Next the blower controlled by ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) automatically increases or reduces the flow of heated air in order to keep the thermostat steady at its set point. An 81% Efficiency rating means 81 cents out of every dollar spent on furnace fuel actually goes toward warming your home. During the summer, the 16 SEER, 60,000 BTU air conditioner with Goodman’s all aluminum evaporator coil and high-efficiency compressor conserves electric energy consumption. Automatically regulated airflow by the ECM blower ensures temperature stability. ECM adjusts air flow to match heating and cooling needs Entire unit installs on roof or at ground level Insulated blower compartment keeps operational noise low GPG1648100M41 Packaged Gas/Electric Unit The 5-speed ECM automatically shifts through 5 speeds to regulate the amount of conditioned air released into your space. Since speed adjustments are gradual and constant, the room stays comfortable at the temperature you’ve chosen on the thermostat. Additionally, by neither heating nor cooling too fast like standard on/off HVAC, the GPG1648100M41with ECM keeps air moisture at comfortable relative humidity of 50%. On the other hand, the blower motor and cooling/heating components in a standard on/off system run at full speed until the thermostat setting is reached and then turn off. These units then power up again about 12 minutes later once the room temperature deviates 2°F to 4°F past the thermostat setting. The constant on and off switching causes wear and tear on the motor and also creates uncomfortable temperature swings. Two-stage gas valve; natural gas with easy conversion to propane Self-diagnostics safeguard the system Loss-of-charge protection & high-pressure switch Additional Features High-efficiency air conditioning compressor All-aluminum evaporator coil Microprocessor-based system control Aluminum tube/aluminum fin coil Durable, corrosion-resistant T-140 aluminized steel tubular heat exchanger Power-assisted combustion Direct spark ignition system Fully insulated heavy-gauge, zinc-coated steel cabinet UV-resistant powder-paint finish Louvered condenser coil protection Features 2″ high base rails for easier handling Convenient access panels One roof curb fits all units All models fit a standard-size pick-up truck When properly anchored, meets 2010 Florida Building Code unit integrity requirements for hurricane-type winds Meets California low-NOx emissions requirements AHRI Certified ETL Listed WHAT’S INCLUDED Your Goodman Packaged Gas/Electric Unit from Heat & Cool Comes With: GPG1648100M41 Packaged Gas/Electric Unit User’s Manual Installation Manual Manufacturer Warranty MANUFACTURER WARRANTY 10-year parts limited warranty 20-year heat exchanger limited warranty Discount Sale: USD Price: USD 3785 and you save USD 3785. We are “the Internet Affiliate”, is an independent contractor for the vendor, and is providing internet affiliate services to the company via the internet for which we may earn financial compensation from vendor.
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